Maintenance Log (Excel download)


Vessel Maintenance Log in Excel format


Not really down with having to hand-write your vessel maintenance log? Well, good news! The same systems-based approach as the Comprehensive Ship’s Log is available to you in an Excel spreadsheet download. Better news – it’s only $7.50!

Stripped down to just the boat’s maintenance log, this light-weight ship’s log will organize your vessel maintenance and repairs, make them searchable and printable!

The Excel version of the Vessel Maintenance Log is 22 tabs, separated by system. There is also a Table of Contents in the first Excel tab so that you don’t have to scroll through all of the tabs to find the right one – just click on the link and enter your fuel fill or repair project in the blink of a link.

The categories that appear in this Vessel Maintenance Log are:

Fluid Fills and Changes:

  • Engine Oil Changes
  • Generator Oil Changes
  • Coolant Changes
  • Gearbox Oil Changes
  • Fuel Fill Log
  • Generator Fuel Fill Log
  • Water Fill Log
  • Galley Fuel Fill Log

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Engine Repair Log
  • Generator Repair Log
  • Steering
  • Hull and Deck
  • Canvas & Sails
  • Standing Rigging
  • Running Rigging
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Galley Repairs
  • Cabin-Interior Repairs
  • Bilge-Lockers
  • Ground Tackle
  • Other