Custom Ship’s Log

We can customize the Comprehensive Ship’s Log in either a hard-bound cover or the standard spiral bound. Your customized ship’s log will still boast the same great information:

  • Detailed vessel information
  • Hourly watch underway
  • Cruising log
  • Pre-departure/Change of watch checklist
  • Radio contacts
  • Vessel inventory and spare parts
  • Fill logs, separated by system
  • Pump outs, including holding tank rinsing
  • Maintenance projects, separated by system

Click here to find out more about a customized ship’s log for your marine business. A minimum order of 25 is required for customization.


Because the Comprehensive Ship’s Log is a systems-based approach to the use, maintenance, and repair of your boat, you will easily find your notes for every voyage and project aboard your vessel.

Ship’s Log Quick Reference

  • Detailed Vessel Information
  • Wind and Sea State Conditions Chart
  • VHF Radio Quick Reference
  • Shorthand Marks

Ship’s Log

  • Watch Log
  • Pre-Departure/Change of Watch Checklist
  • Radio Log
  • Important Contacts

Cruising Log

  • Cruising Details
  • Notes and Narrative

Vessel Inventory

  • Common Spare Parts List
  • Consumables Inventory
  • Plumbing Inventory
  • Ground Tackle Inventory
  • Other Inventory
  • Sail Inventory
  • Running Rigging/Lines
  • Electronics Inventory

Vessel Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades

  • Maintenance Schedule at a Glance
  • Engine and Propulsion
  • Generator
  • Steering, Auto Pilot, and Wind Vane
  • Hull and Deck
  • Canvas and Sails
  • Standing Rigging
  • Running Rigging
  • Plumbing and Heads
  • Electrical, Power, and Batteries
  • Galley
  • Cabin
  • Bilge and Lockers
  • Ground Tackle
  • Other Repairs, Upgrades, and Maintenance
  • Sales, Service, and Repair Contacts

Fluid Changes and Fills

  • Engine Oil Change Log
  • Generator Oil Change Log
  • Coolant Change Log
  • Transmission/Gearbox Oil Change Log
  • Fuel Fill Log
  • Generator Fuel Fill Log
  • Water Fill Log
  • Galley and Grill Fuel Log
  • Pump Out Log
  • Notes and Diagrams

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