Ship & Shore Chronicle

The Ship & Shore Chronicle helps you log your time underway and make notes about your experiences aboard and ashore. Whether you need to log hours and days underway toward your Captain’s License or want a detailed record of your travels, this logbook will help you:

  • Track your hours or days aboard any vessel
  • Record day and night watch hours and location
  • Track spending on provisions, fuel, and water
  • Keep track of your landfalls
  • Make note of customs and immigration check in/out
  • Keep as detailed a narrative as you wish

This newly-designed Ship & Shore Chronicle is a personal journal and hour log in a single volume. Keep track of your ocean passages, day trips, and island hops all in one place.

With nine color options, each member of the crew can have their own personal log and track their own hours. There’s even a “blank” white cover for the Doodle Bug in the family!

112 pages

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    Ship & Shore Chronicle

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